Back Link Building, 1000 links for $10 will get you Penalized by Google

Link Building 2500 links for $10 the Nightmare

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Why you should never ever buy a links building packages that cost 5 to 10 dollars and that are created in less than two weeks. Because you will only get poor quality links to your website,  they will only come  from forum and even worst from porn website that will kill your Google ranking and will automatically lead to your website having a bad neighborhood and a bad reputation. Why Google will penalized your website ??? This is kind of Logic taking in fact that Google Algorithm changed frequently some factors that determine your ranking and reputation stay the same.

1.  You can’t possibly build 1000 or 2000 back links in 2 weeks without spamming and getting your links only on website relevant to your own

2. Google ranking are not focus on quantity they rather like quality of the links, from relevant website and good reputation website.

3.What worst about buying back links from stupid automated  company is that you will get lot of them in order to recover your reputation and ranking you will have to ask the webmasters of each obscure website if they can remove the links afterward that will be a never ending task.

4.All the work done on your website before buying the link building packages will be in vain after getting penalized by Google you will have to start again from scratch and it will be more difficult from the first start because your website will be penalized for an unknown amount of time.

My recommendations are that there are good practitioners on the link building themes but they are not everywhere on the web stay away from to cheap link building company.

  • Before hiring a link building company always ask them if the works are done manually or are automated.
  • Ask for a Link Building Sample Report and search for some of the links for there page rank, website reviews and don’t forget to see  if all the links are relevant for the link building theme.
  • Ask for the Link Building time scaling of the link building campaign if its less than 4 months stay away from them.
Hope that this post was helpful and that we will stay on the trends of the Search Engine World that is evolving every seconds.